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Jenny Parsons is an urban landscape painter working mostly in oil on canvas and chalk pastel.

For Parsons a landscape painting is a place for the eye and mind to play, where the experience of the landscape and the act of painting hold equal importance.

Her work shows a fascination with vertical objects on the landscape: trees, buildings, lampposts and other structures; as well as the "drawings" on the land created by roads, paths and other demarcations. These elements suggest and in fact replace a human presence. The visual conversation between horizontal and vertical, mass and detail, solidity and fragility further explore the human relationship to the land.

Work currently on display:
  • In-Fin-Art, Wynberg, CapeTown. Ph 021 761 2816
  • Dorpstraat Galery, Dorp Street, Stellenbosch
  • Tamasa Gallery, 36 Overport Drive, Durban. Ph 031 207 1223
  • IS Art at le Quartier Francais, Franchhoek

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